go ahead造句

go ahead造句

1、Dr. FLECK: No, you go ahead.

2、When the conditions exist, go ahead; when they don’t exist, then create them and go ahead.

3、It does not follow that the project should go ahead; indeed it may be morally wrong.

4、The user can skip or go ahead and publish the message.

5、For shooting to go ahead, the density of birds must exceed 200 grouse per square kilometre.

6、The generals say they plan to go ahead with a constitutional referendum next Saturday.

7、Even if they do raise an objection, we must go ahead with our own development works.

8、Still, that dearth of new space could mean tidy profits for the owners of developments that go ahead.

9、You are the key to your own happiness, so go ahead, unlock it once and for all.

10、So go ahead and tell them a secret, your deepest feelings, or anything they can use against you as blackmail.

11、At a meeting of the Mekong River Commission in the Lao capital, Vientiane, Laos insisted the Xayaburi dam go ahead, saying it will be up to international standards.

12、She shook her head no when the waiter asked if she’d like dessert, but said Brendan should go ahead if he wanted to.

13、If you want an internship at Yelp, Everyblock, or with a small-business start-up, go ahead and propose your own projects.

14、It was given the go ahead as it supported two main goals of the country strategy for Nigeria – privatization and improved infrastructure.

15、So in fact, if you want a super long number — — let me go ahead and reopen this program — long you could declare long.

16、When it saw the rock being tossed about pitifully, it said, “only a weak person will make a detour. A person who is strong will only go ahead, and nothing will stop him!”

17、If they go ahead (negotiations with the government are proving fraught), they will be run by a not-for-profit arm, since for-profit ventures are banned from Britain’s academies programme.

18、Deep down, you want to believe hard work and virtue will lead to success, and laziness, evil and manipulation will lead to ruin, so you go ahead and edit the world to match those expectations.

19、We want to copy the value of this variable to make creating the new one easier, so go ahead and copy the value of that variable to the clipboard.

20、”All right, I’ll shut up,” said Chueh-hui with a grin. “You two go ahead and talk.” He slowed down to let Chueh-min and Chin enter the wing first, while he paused in the doorway and gazed around the courtyard.

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