1、But jobs are sneaky.

2、Their jobs have been drastically upskilled.

3、Occasionally, these jobs can go awry.

4、I have two jobs, besides managing dancers.

5、idle; between jobs; (euphemism for `unemployed’).

6、Unload jobs can be grouped together with load jobs in the same project.

7、They always pick on him to do the unpleasant jobs.

8、But many of us end up with jobs like that.

9、Some jobs are far away, in another province.

10、Networking is not only for finding jobs or clients.

11、Surprisingly, there are a lot of jobs out there.

12、It was classic jobs: reframing an issue, the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs, as something inspirational rather than discouraging.

13、On the other, we’re told not to worry about the impact of spending cuts on jobs because fiscal austerity will actually create jobs by raising confidence.

14、Contrary to what you have heard, it’s not because jobs making things have somehow been made obsolete, like the jobs of those making buggy whips.

15、Back-up processing jobs should be scheduled some time after all overnight processing jobs so they are the last job in the spooler queue.

16、Most of us just get up in the morning and do our jobsjobs that for the most part are neither glamorous nor well paid.

17、When they get to difficulties in jobs or in life, they tend to breakdown.

18、What’s more, jobs like medical assistant, nurse, and phlebotomist are impossible to outsource.

19、Wait for the howls of anguish when more manufacturing jobs are lost to China.

20、Don’ t give her any extra jobs ; she’ s snowed under already.

21、There are jobs more dangerous than truck driving; for instance, training lions.

22、According to official statistics,64 percent of Japanese companies hired no women among graduates for engineering-related jobs,and 39 percent hired no women among graduates for nonengineering-related jobs.

23、Professional and business services shed 51, 000 jobs, though that represented a slower pace of losses than in recent months.

24、But that’s also why it was so disappointing to see Senate Republicans obstruct the American jobs Act, even though a majority of Senators voted “yes” to advance this jobs bill.

25、Homelessness, which had fallen in recent years, may rebound as people lose their jobs and their houses.

26、Second, as China did in 1998, how infrastructure investment can both create jobs but create the foundation for future growth.

27、NBC slashed newsroom jobs in 2006 and increased resource- sharing with NBC Universal cable-channel siblings MSNBC and CNBC.

28、Salespeople, for example, are often exceptionally good talkers but notoriously bad at the paperwork or writing part of their jobs.

29、This “engineering gap” is a source of pride in India and consternation in America, which fears the cutting and pasting of high-tech jobs from West to East.

30、But it’s obscene to boast about a splashy wedding at a time when hundreds of thousands of people will be losing their jobs thanks to Tory cuts.

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