the chair造句

the chair造句

1、Don’t touch the chair.

2、The cat clawed the chair.

3、She rose from the chair.

4、she sat astride the chair.

5、Have you seen the chair?

6、He touched the chair and the table.

7、The cat is above the chair.

8、Mack gripped the arms of the chair.

9、The red markers are on the chair.

10、Mind if I move the chair aside?

11、Utterly wearied, I slumped into the chair.

12、He rubbed the chair down with sandpaper.

13、Then I bumped the chair again.

14、Why should he have destroyed the chair?

15、Static Load Test for back of the chair: put the baffle on the chair leg.

16、The leg of the chair broke and the chair canted over.

17、Joey believes the chair miraculously healed itself, so Rachels keeps the new chair.

18、To move the chair position, should first be put on the chair, then Zaizuo.

19、The cup was poised on the edge of the chair.

20、Learn the sound ch the chocolate is on the chair.

21、The next chair was smaller, but too soft. The third chair was just right. She sat down with a flop, and the chair legs gave way.

22、Here, rest your head against the back of the chair.

23、The irritated teacher is sitting in the chair.

24、Ernie saw the dim figure of Rose in the chair.

25、The bidding went to $ 50 before the chair was sold

26、a sag in the seat of the chair

27、Her family is not in the chair according to the following Her family photo is not under the chair.

28、She is the deputy chair of the Fujian Writers Association and the chair of Xiamen Writers Association.

29、He used the isinglass to glue the chair legs, so we can only use the chair once it has dried.

30、Jimmy sat in the chair for two hours.

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