1、She wore rumpled linen suits.

2、The color really suits you.

3、He ordered three new suits for himeself.

4、If it suits you, you might go.

5、What coverage do you think suits our goods best?

6、Choose the setup type that best suits your needs.

7、I have two suits to send to laundry.

8、Green hats are surprisingly versatile. They look best with tan or light brown suits. But they also accent black, green, and gray suits very nicely.

9、It promotes the sort of contemplative state that suits a visit to the Art Museum.

10、He has abandoned suits in favour of linen jackets and khaki trousers and no tie.

11、One of the hallmarks of unstructured suits is a pleated trouser.

12、The boys’ suits were displayed in the big window of the store.

13、The bears, dressed in their special suits, were launched on a foam-padded box containing instrumentation and cameras.

14、With precise geometry, Mr. Nicoll sent out suits where squares of different sizes patterned jackets, tops and pants.

15、Harry Thomason bought me some new suits, so that I didn’t look like a balloon about to burst.

16、Fat chance: according to Borkar, just walking in these suits feels like carrying an anvil between your legs.

17、The largest crowd by far was made up of lawyers in starched collars, white shirts, and black suits.

18、But remember, you will probably have people wearing suits and smart shoes using it, so you’ll need paved areas and seating that dries easily.

19、With his lumbering build, baggy grey suits, football scarf and booming voice, Soini is a long way from the sober consensus politicians who built Finland’s welfare state.

20、He was deeply embarrassed last year when three women filed paternity suits against him, alleging that he had fathered children during his vow of celibacy.

21、Male civilians are asked to wear either lounge suits or a morning suit, formal attire that includes a long jacket and a vest.

22、Infantry uniforms were basically redesigned Zhongshan suits. Leg wrappings are standard for soldiers and officers alike since the primary mode of movement for NRA troops was by foot.

23、The couple, who are favored to win gold at next month’s winter Olympics, wore skin-toned suits with red loin cloths, white body paint and eucalyptus leaves (see photo).

24、The Armani line was at first noted for loose, smart-casual blazers that provided a refreshing alternative to both the stiff, formal suits and the sloppy, laid-back hippie style of the previous decade.

25、Visitors to this concert might well have thought something fishy was going on when they saw the musicians put on their wet suits and take their instruments into the ocean.

26、Wearing a suit when you’re told jeans are the norm can make you seem stuffy; wearing shorts and sandals when everyone else is wearing suits makes you look oblivious.

27、The best strategy is to pick the vendor that best suits your profile, adopt popular industry standards where possible and try to be smart about how and when you upgrade.

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