at random造句

at random造句

1、Please chose a card at random from the deck.

2、Picking one door at random out of several, I walked into a broom cupboard.

3、In Dr Toyabe’s experiment, the jolt that moved the bead came from molecules in the liquid buffeting it at random.

4、The two groups are chosen at random, so the remedy should be the only systematic difference between them.

5、Some people wander into disaster’s path at random; others, like the Garners, are led by overpowering desire.

6、The man was loading fecal in the sun Walking out of the hall, I visited Sheqi county at random.

7、Many career women agonize over every career choice, and yet sail almost at random into boyfriend relationships.

8、Much like your personal identification number (PIN), your password is your secret; if you choose your password well, it’s likely difficult for others to guess it at random.

9、The border between bullying and teasing is not obvious to me, but I know he’s not predatory; he shoots from the hip at random things that move.

10、In Baoding, Hebei University students questioned at random for an hour early this week uniformly denounced the handling of the case of Chen Xiaofeng.

11、Crowley, somewhere west of Amersham, hurtled through the night, snatched a tape at random and tried to wrestle it out of its brittle plastic box while staying on the road.

12、That means scientists wishing to find out whether a particular batch is still potent cannot just pluck a warhead at random from the stockpile and try to explode it.

13、An hour and a half later, half of each group was again chosen at random to drink a shot of cherry schnapps. The other half drank a shot of water.

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