1、Change your socks for refreshment.

2、This kind of socks stains easily.

3、I’ve worn holes in my socks.

4、The dirty socks smelled up the whole room.

5、Throw out the torn underwear and stained socks.

6、She’s knitting her husband a pair of socks.

7、He took off the boots and socks, stuffed the socks inside the boots and threw them at the dark.

8、If you wear socks with your shoes, change into a new pair of warm socks when you reach your office in the morning.

9、Wear socks that wick away wetness but keep your feet warm. Runner Joe McNulty of Philadelphia swears by nonitchy SmartWool socks.

10、My socks were so wet that I had to wring them .

11、However, the prettiest pedicure or cutest socks make no difference if your feet stink.

12、Unlike him, I bought something for Potato Superman, 4 pairs of socks.

13、Therefore, my packing cube contains (at most) one pair of pants, one top, pajamas, underwear, and socks.

14、Jesse stepped from the creek and sat down to rinse his socks and pour water from the boots.

15、Unfortunately, surveys show the majority of individuals never tuck their pants into their socks when entering tick-infested areas.

16、The only thing you had to worry about was maybe stepping in a puddle and getting your socks wet.

17、To spare yourself unwanted bacteria exposure, wear a pair of socks during your promenade through the screening machines.

18、Prepare for snowy, winter weather-insulated boots, jacket, and gloves; layered clothing; thermal underwear; and wool socks and hat are required.

19、By the afternoon, one feeding and one, stacking up, they were running socks and stockings through the mangle while the irons were heating.

20、Using old socks or paper bags make puppets by gluing or taping on googly eyes, yarn for hair, ribbon for ties, construction paper for tongues etc.

21、The labels were obscured by socks pulled up to the rim of each can, so to cheat a volunteer had only to lower the sock.

22、But here, as we saw in week zero with the shoe example putting on socks, I have to increment this variable explicitly myself.

23、Shoes take up more space. Slip into each shoe a plastic bag that contains rolled socks or underwear. This will fill the gap and prevent the shoe from deforming.

24、The clothes were funky and fun: khaki for military looks, the eyes of an owl staring from a patterned dress, leather zippered jackets with a faux shearling lining and thigh-high cabled socks.

25、Wrapped in socks, gloves, a headband, face mask and undies, you are shut in a room where the temperature is a biting minus 130c for 3 minutes (see photo).

26、Susan said she doesn’t seem to have any long-term fear of the washing machine or laundry since the events, as she continues to chase her sons socks around at home!

27、They took off their shoes and socks and sat down on the mossy rocks at the edge of the stream, dipping their feet in the cold water and feeling the shock of it invigorate their blood.

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