1、We spurn conventional mechanism of CMM and design a new non-contact and non-orthogonal CMM based on robotic technology.

2、Within regular range of structural design parameters, the key factors of design indices are studied through orthogonal analysis of steel bridge deck surfacing with or without longitudinal clapboard.

3、Sewing thread tension and stitch density are selected by the result of orthogonal experiments as two variable parameters to study the effect of sewing parameter on seam pucker.

4、With only 800 sq feet of space, the Silo House is a unique arrangement of circular and orthogonal elements, giving a nod to the upstate New York architectural vernacular that surrounds it.

5、The orthogonal test design was used to arrange sequent experiments to test the effect of the three main factors including the proportion of fruit and water, microwave power and extraction time on the extraction efficiency of momordica charantia L and to establish optimal extraction process.

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