BBC News造句

BBC News造句

1、The pictures were poor quality and were reproduced by several international news organisations, including BBC News Online.

2、The jackpot hasn’t been won since January, despite being drawn three times a week. BBC News.

3、”It is a market research project,” chief executive Torsten Muller-Otvos told BBC News.

4、Ms Duma told BBC News that a web-based resource was “absolutely the way to go”.

5、”But the situation in some countries is still alarming,” she told BBC News.

6、The human body is influenced by natural chemicals that produce “a sense of happiness”, noted BBC News.

7、According to BBC News, there are more than 22,000 pieces of space junk floating around the earth.

8、”In human terms, that’s like balancing a Ford Focus on your head,” Dr Snively told BBC News.

9、”We have been trying to keep strong relationship with the chimpanzees,” lead researcher Satoshi Hirata told BBC News.

10、”They seem to be able to discriminiate between different shapes, which might even mean they discriminate between different species of fish,” he told BBC News.

11、”Rockets (with 600-tonne thrust engines) would only be justified for things like sending humans to the Moon, if such projects are approved,” told BBC News.

12、Dr Kos, from Syracuse University in the us, told BBC News: “we were critical of those events when we saw them.”

13、Speaking unofficially, he told BBC News that this meant that Britain could face blackouts in 2016 – when coal and nuclear stations are phased out.

14、”The key message we are trying to get over here is that past experience is not a good guide here, even recent experience is not a good guide,” he told BBC News.

15、Professor Marianne Elvander, the institute’s head of disease control and epidemiology, told the BBC News website that they appeared to have been hit by some kind of blunt instrument.

16、Often cited as the best April Fool’s prank of all-time, the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest was dreamed up by BBC News cameraman Charles de Jaeger and aired on the well-respected show Panorama.

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