in the deep造句

in the deep造句

1、flounder in the deep snow

2、Drowned in the deep of the river.

3、Was coursing in the deep Prajna Paramita.

4、Asleep in the deep of my heart.

5、Our fate, as by the use of the blue adornment, deep in the deep sea.

6、The subhorizontal shear zone exists in the deep structural level.

7、Men were floundering in the deep snow beside the road.

8、They got lost in the deep of the forest.

9、Deep-sea fishing means fishing in the deep sea, not in the shallow parts near the shore.

10、Cool’d a long age in the deep-delved earth.

11、You asleep in the deep of my heart!

12、U asleep in the deep of my heart!

13、Food can be scarce in the deep waters off Australia.

14、Early in the morning, the dream was pierced by the sunshine, birds singing outside the window, flowers fragrance, and a deep feeling, slowly flowing in the deep village.

15、In the world the most precious, is sincere friendship. Deep miss, like the fragrance of flowers open in the deep canyons.

16、Optical autonomous navigation will be used widely in the deep space exploration in the future.

17、Creative quality includes knowledge in the surface and passion and will in the deep sense.

18、Characteristic and origin of the abnormal pressure in the deep Paleogene formation in Bonan Sub-sag

19、Such a magical Canyon is unique among the thousands of canyons in Chishui, which makes the deep canyon hidden in the deep mountains put on a mysterious veil.

20、These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.

21、They saw the works of the Lord, his wonderful deeds in the deep.

22、MPR can display the craniofacial fractures wholly and accurately, especially the tiny fracture in the deep.

23、The mudstone reservoir was formed in lacustrine facies of lamellar marl in the deep water or semi-deep water sediment with tensional state.

24、I can’t again vexed you, I will put you forever in the deep place in mind.

25、In such a twilight sky, hiding in the deep grass, it is very satisfying.

26、and peace in the deep pervading calm and silence of the woods.

27、Men and horses were floundering in the deep snow beside the road.

28、Vanamee, hidden in the deep shadow of the archway, did not move.

29、Gradually disappearing in the deep of the night bell, the moon through the trees, where sleeping in the rain disappeared.

30、Men and horses were floundering about(around)in the deep snow beside the road

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