break up造句

break up造句

1、The meeting didn’t break up until noon.

2、Freezing weather will break up the soil.

3、Police were called in to break up the meeting.

4、To break up the boredom, I decided to browse those small trinket stalls.

5、They break up with you, fire you, leave you, or humiliate you.

6、If I were you, I would definitely break up with her.

7、It can break up deep congestion and is effective in an emergency.

8、The famine years in the past caused many people to break up their families and become homeless.

9、When you break up with somebody you love, that’s awful; and it takes time to get over.

10、You should be cautious of these distractions, but allow yourself the occasional distraction to break up your day.

11、Although electrospun bovine serum albumin does not actually break up into droplets, the resulting threads have been so short and irregular as to be useless.

12、We also needed to determine how to break up our one logical query into individual data retrieval activities for each data source.

13、Some materials, however, are easier to spin in this way than others, for if the molecules do not stick together, the liquid stream will break up.

14、Security officers and police intervened to break up the brawl and Jamie was let off to leave with Kate – though stopping off first for their meaty kebab treat.

15、We have not only seen an earlier break up of ice on rivers and melting glaciers, but also the early emergence of insects, egg laying by birds and the flowering of plants.

16、Instead of being an inert balloon that is used to break up a blockage, the sensor-laden catheter can monitor blood flow, temperature, pressure and electrical activity within the body.

17、Researchers have found that it is a good idea to break up your normal training routine with a different sport as it avoids repetitive strain injuries and increases the strength of joints and muscles.

18、”If I want to break up with someone, I think it is best done sooner rather than later …When you face them, you must prepare for their reactions -crying, arguing, bargaining or begging, ” Zhang said.

19、Half-tone screen: A screen placed in front of the film in a process camera to break up a continuous-tone image into dots of varying sizes to produce a half-tone.There are two types:ruled glass screens and contact screens which are in common use .

20、Spring is a dangerous time for the family of Scorpios, very fraught with break ups, or at worst – temporary cooling.

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