go off造句

go off造句

1、I hear Sound Street to go off air soon.

2、Unfortunately, we have seen them go off in some projects.

3、His wife told him not to go off at halfcock.

4、You can go on or you can go off and actually, how about some gratuitous use of technology?

5、So Im raised in this environment, and I go off to college.

6、The first virtue they possess is courage, the willingness to go off to a strange place.

7、The hot gas will be heated further by any supernova which go off in the galaxy.

8、Daughters go off to look after somebody else’s old age, and, in India, require a dowry.

9、Lightning triggers go off when there’s any change in light source.

10、I’ll go off in those hills right there-right up in those hills and live by myself.

11、Do your kids go off to school feeling calm and confident? Or are they upset and grumpy?

12、When you spend time having fun, you know you’re being self-indulgent. Alarms start to go off fairly quickly.

13、Streeb said he found the film suspicious because “when you hear the gunshot go off the body twitches but you don’t see blood spattering.”

14、The interviewer would ask a question, listen for an answer and when there was on opening, the interviewer would go off on a monologue of their own.

15、In the years that followed, a green revolution drove crop production rapidly upward, while population growth slowed dramatically; Ehrlich’s bomb, rather conspicuously, failed to go off.

16、Opponents of cluster munitions say they are an indiscriminate weapon when they go off; and that unexploded bomblets turn the target area into a virtual minefield.

17、If I asked, she would sprinkle her magic flower pollen on me to make me small, and we would squeeze through the crack in the front door and go off into the woods together.

18、When friends call to spend time with us, I remember that soon enough there will be no weekly playdates for my daughter and so we go off to see friends before our time is up.

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