the leader造句

the leader造句

1、I’ll be the leader.

2、the leader of an alliance

3、He’s the leader of the pack.

4、He was the leader of the Texans.

5、She is the leader of the feminist.

6、”Then follow the leader,” he cried gaily.

7、Granny, the leader of J pod.

8、I am the leader of this group.

9、He assumed the role of the leader in the emergency.

10、My fiance is the leader of the orchestra.

11、the leader of an expedition, a gang, the Opposition, etc

12、Fulfil the other temporary task assigned by the leader.

13、She is the leader of the trade delegation to Nigeria.

14、The matter will be refer to the leader .

15、Primier Zhu Rongji is the leader and Vice Primier Wen Jiabao is the deputy leader of the Group.

16、Instead, the leader should always try to give contrasting pictures.

17、Habit tis a human thought and behavior of the leader.

18、Making no distinction Between the leader and accomplice

19、Their slavish devotion to the leader is unhealthy.

20、Any leader needs frank advice, and the biggest obstacle to receiving it is often the leader himself.

21、Every leader who can take on this great task is not the leader of Gagu. The leader of Gagu is open and aboveboard and considerate and loyal. I also recommend the leader of Gagu by Herenberg.

22、Fortunately, I became the leader of yellow team, also was the only woman leader of four teams.

23、”He is the leader of world football, he has to be a leader in anti-racism,” he told Sky News.

24、Lin Boqu is the leader of the mass production movement in the border area, as well as the leader of the mass production movement in the border area.

25、If the leader should fill all space on a line, the max length of the leader should be at least as large as the width of the column.

26、Zeng Guofan became the leader of the Xiang army, and he became the leader of the Han people and the Minister of culture and war.

27、The leader told me that he just received the notice of this small group leaders meeting after the banquet from the leader of a European country.

28、In other words, make the best of the leader whose tissue linked up the past master, will become the leader with efficiency naturally.

29、This news was confirmed by both the leader of the People’s Court of Xishui and the leader of the People’s Procuratorate of Xishui County this morning.

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