1、This press publishes educational books.

2、His books are eminently translatable.

3、The students unfurled their books.

4、Publishers coax books out of tardy authors.

5、There are not only his books but books on his books and an entire literature growing up around his legacy.

6、No delay! We urgently need these books.

7、The library was enriched with new books.

8、The new books are being catalogued.

9、You put your books in this bag.

10、Books don’t offer much white space for readers to riff in, but e-books offer none.

11、Read Books – Not just self-help or motivational books, but any book that has new ideas.

12、They earned enough to buy their clothes and books.

13、She dummied up the books that are to be published.

14、What books have you read on this subject?

15、I’m browsing the bookshelves for books to read.

16、They will transfer those books into the new library.

17、Read Challenging Books – Many people like to read popular suspense fiction, but generally these books aren’t mentally stimulating.

18、The simple system allows you to donate books for credits and use those credits to get free books.

19、Amazon already sells print-on-demand books, although that is “invisible” to consumers, Mr Bezos has said, because they look exactly like any other books.

20、There is no end to the making of books, nor does there seem to be any end to the making of lists of “great books.

21、It may take years to read all these books, but it undoubtedly will be a very rewarding intellectual journey; they are among the best books of human civilization.

22、Several screenwriters have produced books that are helpful to the novice screenwriter. You’ll get invaluable tips and instruction in many of these books.

23、And while most great people eventually fade into history books, Jesus is still the focus of thousands of books and unparalleled media controversy.

24、The parenting books say the average newborn sleeps about 19 hours a day.

25、One often finds a writer’s books more comprehensible if one knows about his life.

26、Hundreds and thousands of books and magazines doze in the library.

27、She muddled all the different kinds of books together on one shelf.

28、The prophetic books of the Bible can be but specimens of the prophesyings of that time.

29、In general, I find it’s worthwhile to devote a lot of my time to searching for books that interest me and books that will help my students learn and develop their skills.

30、At first this shop sold newspapers and magazines only, but it has since put in juvenile books.

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