effect of造句

effect of造句

1、resonance effect of meatus

2、distributional effect of taxes

3、concentration effect of tax

4、These chemicals modulate the effect of potassium.

5、The general effect of the painting is overwhelming.

6、Voilà! You’ve just created a snowball effect of fuzzy feelings.

7、The effect of this was like roiling helpless waters.

8、The resultant effect at any chosen point is the sum of the effect of the various loads.

9、His habit of repetition, whether a stylistic tic or a side-effect of translation from the Japanese, has the effect of making everything Murakami says sound infinitely profound.

10、It is sobering to see the effect of my thoughts on the law of attraction.

11、Objective to investigate the effect of hysterectomy and uterine arterial embolization on the function of ovary.

12、Objective to investigate the clinical effect of different methods of laparoscopic hysterectomy.

13、The effect of military deployment on kids is an emerging field of research.

14、Objective To Study the effect of Haematococcus pluvialis powder on physiological metabolism of Wistar rats.

15、Figured that way, the climate effect of methane from natural gas would quickly outpace the climate effect of carbon dioxide from burning coal.

16、The transformative effect of cheap bandwidth will be felt well beyond mobile money.

17、Objective To discuss the curative effect of mini-plate in phalanx fractures.

18、Any conditions attached to the endorsement shall have no effect of a bill.

19、From the crosswise aspect, the article inquired the actuation mechanism and the esthetic effect of Quotation.

20、In such cases, the resulting recycle behavior is a cumulative effect of all the updates.

21、The effect of osmotic pressure on livability, body volume and activity of the tadpoles were analyzed with ANOVA.

22、Objective To study the protective effect of total flavone of rhododendron on myocardial ischemic injury and its mechanism.

23、The anti-retrogradation effect of various additives in the process of fresh instant rice noodles was measured.

24、Objective To investigate the effect of vascular endothelial growth factor in kidney lesion of rats with preeclampsia.

25、Shortly after 7am, the doctor said he had seen the effect of the first bombardment of the day.

26、This paper analyzes the spillover effect, quality effect and discount effect of brand extension along with a model of R& D in the presence of marketing uncertainty, explains and proves the relationship between the optimal introduction time of New-brand Product and Brand Extension.

27、The effect of rater training in writing assessment has been studied abroad for many years, but there have been sketchy studies about the effect of NMET rater training process at home.

28、Looking to the future, two of us (TA and TA) also plan to investigate the effect of different types of footwear on the kicking of a ball.

29、Significant advances in defining the effect of specific compounds on children have been made in recent years.

30、Likewise, the Women’s Health Study found no significant effect of the vitamin on total cancer incidence or cancers of the breast, lung or colon, nor any effect on cancer deaths.

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