1、He pointedly ignored the question.

2、Exaggerated language will be ignored.

3、Meanwhile, Europe should not be ignored.

4、The baby felt ignored by her parents.

5、He said incident reports were filed but ignored by brass.

6、Heck, I’ve ignored lots of advice in my day!

7、Several hundred of these voices I ignored out of boredom.

8、I said hello to her, but she ignored me completely!

9、If no mechanisms exist to prevent process steps from being ignored, then ignored they will be, because of time, budget, or other business pressures.

10、Because the real need is not being addressed, it is being willfully ignored.

11、Whatever way you look at it, euthanasia is a subject which cannot be ignored.

12、Fiscal rules to ensure budgetary responsibility are often ignored. They can still be useful.

13、Jiang finally knew that the greatest apathy was not ridicule, but being ignored.

14、The makers of navigation devices have not ignored the spread of smartphones.

15、Also helpful to me was a discussion of the depth of field preview button, something I had long ignored.

16、Although listed under physics engines, the abstraction layers provide an interesting capability that should not be ignored.

17、If your assets are poorly deployed, ignored, or decaying, it’s as if you are destroying them, and you have failed.

18、”Amidst the frenzy of getting stadiums and transport routes built, the carbon footprint was largely ignored, ” he said.

19、Will a huge number of bad blogs be made into worse books that will then be ignored by discerning readers?

20、The goblin looked slantwise at Harry, and the lightning scar on Harry’s forehead prickled, but he ignored it, refusing to acknowledge its pain or its invitation.

21、”The Human Factor,” treated in Chapter 17, is a critical aspect of truly secure systems that is often ignored in breathless discussions about new security technology.

22、On Tuesday, Afghanistan’s National Security Council said the leaked documents show the U.S. has ignored Pakistan’s role in the Afghan insurgency.

23、The fact that double-clicking is difficult for less dexterous users—painful for some and impossible for a few—was largely ignored.

24、By blindly following the first child, I have ignored the actual name of the tag and will potentially be searching the incorrect part of the document.

25、In reality, however, Hidden Curriculum is always ignored by the teaching staffs under the autocratic of instrumental ration and the solo pursuance of students entering schools of a higher grade.

26、In fact, in my consulting experience, no single aspect of requirements engineering is both 1 so frequently cited as vital to the engineering effort and 2 so frequently ignored in practice.

27、If a user mistypes something, then enters an unrelated function such as paragraph reformatting, then presses the Backspace key repeatedly, the mistyped characters are erased and the reformatting operation is ignored.

28、Tugging at his damaged ear, breathing in an asthmatic, eerie way, he ignored her rage and simply stared at her with an adoring gaze as he studied her face, muttering, “beautiful, beautiful.”

29、Initial nuclear radiation will be a significant hazard with smaller weapons, but the fallout hazard can be ignored as there is essentially no local fallout from an air burst.

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