1、Arms races have a quantitative and a qualitative aspects.

2、Active management involvement in all aspects of enablement.

3、Cigarettes are present in the most mundane aspects of society.

4、Plainly, aspects of the Western model are still attractive.

5、The ESB can implement or enforce cross-cutting aspects on behalf of service requesters and providers, removing such aspects from the concern of the requesters and providers.

6、India has two aspects–in one she is a householder, in the other a wandering ascetic.

7、Data persistence is one of the trickiest aspects of enterprise development.

8、In this chapter, the author discusses the following aspects: Midget words, Neologisms, Borrowing and so on.

9、She thought that he meant what were the aspects of things to her, and replied shyly.

10、Americanization of China’s international behaviors doesn’t also have no positive aspects.

11、In fact, aspects of the Stark character are purportedly based on a real tech Titan, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison!

12、We will take a closer look at each of these aspects, contrast them with similar aspects of project management, and outline for each the effort and results required to achieve success.

13、It should be obvious to users which aspects of the interface are manipulable, which are informational, and which are décor.

14、As with many aspects of poly mixology-both in production and consumption — there is no one preferred cocktail recipe.

15、Mozilla Drumbeat projects use open technologies to bring participation, collaboration and empowerment to other aspects of online life.

16、The holistic approach focuses on the search for relationships between all aspects of an issue or concern.

17、Chapter four discusses the causes of law and petitions from the aspects of the socioeconomic environment, political and legal authorities, and the petitioner in Gansu Province.

18、Oh yes, I know it can also be dull and dreary, exhausting and depressing, and sometimeseven dangerous: but even these aspects can serve to embellish the final story.

19、The second half considers three key aspects of localization: decentralization, cities as the engine of economic growth, and making cities livable.

20、However, even though brainstorming intrinsically promoted innovation, other aspects of engineering culture subtly killed it – by making it a status-degrader.

21、Charismatics remain in their traditional denomination, but believe in some aspects of Pentecostalism, such as the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the speaking in tongues.

22、One might have a notion of an ideal lover who is kind, wise, handsome, rich, caring and with a great sense of humor, while actually one’s lover is simply mediocre in most of these aspects.

23、By the end of this presentation, we usually have consensus to move forward with some aspects of several of the visual styles, and it is common to iterate the visual language studies before moving forward to the next step.

24、To acquire aesthetic feeling of music, more attention should be paid to the following aspects: Select excellent music works; Train the aesthetic ability; Keep the distance of appreciating beauty and moderate the mood of appreciating beauty.

25、We espouse gender equality in all other aspects of life, and it is an anomaly that in the rules relating to the highest public office we continue to enshrine male superiority.

26、Spokesmen for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), along with some civilian politicians, have floated the idea of replicating in Egypt today aspects of a bygone era in Turkish politics.

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