1、Unemployment peaked at 8.1% in June.

2、Thus at the start of this decade, when lay-offs peaked, it hugely understated true unemployment.

3、Sales have now peaked, and we expect them to decrease soon.

4、They say the pollution problem has peaked in several areas, a claim cautiously backed by several environmental groups in Henan.

5、The current situation is the latest twist in a long-running saga that peaked three years ago.

6、We both agreed that our own agony levels peaked long before we ever set foot in an office.

7、”The engine was making the vehicle shake and suddenly I felt an unbearable tingling, my back arched and my body jerked sharply as I peaked,” she recalled.

8、If change a suit sportswear again, wear a peaked cap, both hands is inclined insert in the pocket, leave tuft bang, wow, true cruel!

9、This is borne out by the figures for UFO sightings, which peaked at 609 reports in 1996 – more than the three preceding years put together.

10、The cabin was then a 9-by-10-foot box with a peaked roof, five small windows and a sleeping loft over a small supported by tree trunks.

11、It is a lure because during the bubble values are rising steeply, so an investor who exits before the bubble has peaked may be leaving a good deal of money on the table.

12、Saudi Aramco has not released enough data to quash a theory that its oil reserves are not nearly as large as it contends, and that its output may have peaked.

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