advisable to造句

advisable to造句

1、It is advisable to be forearmed.

2、I deem it advisable to buy property now.

3、This line of conduct seems advisable to me.

4、In his opinion, it would be advisable to allow the car to take over more.

5、That’s why it is always advisable to not loose it in the first place.

6、In such cases, it’s not advisable to challenge his denial: “Oh, Dad, don’t be ridiculous.You heard what Dr.Thompson said!”

7、As soon as possible after consolidation, it is advisable to apply a bituminous emulsion waterproof seal over the stabilized subsoil.

8、It is generally advisable to periodically unwind holdings as markets rise, so as to keep asset allocations stable and to avoid overexposure to risk.

9、Since a huge amount of data is produced by these processes, it is not advisable to allow all of these writes to happen to flash.

10、It is advisable to start Conquest Mode after playing awhile in order to get enough money for improving your army force.

11、Clearly, it not advisable to embark on a SOA initiative without the SOA vision, the business goals, and business agility metrics properly identified, defined, and documented.

12、It is advisable to implement a filter that queries an enterprise user repository (LDAP) to determine the groups for a logged group.

13、Corrosion rates can vary between welded and non-welded metals, therefore it is advisable to study the behavior of both conditions.

14、However, it is not advisable to use hot update in real time system, because hot update could result in the system leading into an unknown state.

15、However, it’s not advisable to use hot update in a real-time system, because it could result in the system leading into an unknown state.

16、In other words, it is typically advisable to keep the impact of new services to existing applications to a minimum and delegate the details of protocol and message formats to the ESB.

17、If we presuppose these works of modernism are artworks, please take my humble advice: please give up the impossible attempt to define art, and it would be more advisable to go out for a glass of beer.

18、During the ensuing conversation, it’s advisable to tilt the phone away from your ear when you are talking and only bring it in close to your ear when you are listening.

19、It is advisable to execute this change during announced system downtime, unless you have the replica server running to take care of the unavailability of the server being upgraded.

20、Darwin’s intellect, humility (” it is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance “) and prescience astonish more as scientists clarify, in detail he never imagined, how much he got right.

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