1、I always confounded him with his twin brother.

2、Mr Berlusconi has confounded that expectation, calling into question not just his private life but his judgement.

3、This group of symptoms (mainly pelvic, rectal, and abdominal pain, urinary frequency, and fatigue) has confounded physicians, psychologists, and the men who suffer from it for decades.

4、But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end.

5、Mr. Glum was confounded with lust for a moment. He could not take his eyes from where Vanity’s bosom strained against her starched white shirt.

6、But to sleep with the blinds open, I’d have to buy a rifle and shoot out the confounded sodium vapor streetlight that, but for those blessed pecan strips, throws a 9,500-lumen glare over the room.

7、I spent a semester studying in Mexico during my sophomore year, and it surprised me how confounded people were when I said I went to school in New Hampshire even though my family lived in New York.

8、There he has continued, praying like a Methodist: only the deity he implored in senseless dust and ashes; and God, when addressed, was curiously confounded with his own black father!

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