for sure造句

for sure造句

1、How do we know for sure when enough variety is enough?

2、But until and unless somebody does the research, no one can say for sure.

3、And for sure, some people will say it’s better to go with a subcategory.

4、But rotation, for sure. They’re not all in the lowest level.

5、Have lunch together if you like, but don’t decide for sure until next month.

6、At that moment I realized that I needed to know for sure whether my dog was retarded or not.

7、The unrest shows no sign of dying down. Yet no one can say for sure how it will end.

8、Social phobia sometimes runs in families, but no one knows for sure why some people have it, while others don’t.

9、Mei-yu: You told me yesterday it would rain for sure today. Look at the bright sun outside!

10、For example, no one knows for sure whether dysfunctions in the serotonin system are a cause of mood disorders, or whether they simply reflect some more fundamental abnormality.

11、And oh yeah, there’s one more question that neither salespeople nor customers can answer for sure: What will I really be paying for this thing?

12、Wouldn’t it be splendid if an independent referee, with full access to the evidence, could rule for sure one way or another?

13、These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don’t know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end?

14、Well, they can spend more money, that’s for sure, but quite why they choose to do this in places such as Monte Carlo has always puzzled me.

15、As for bowel, prostate or womb cancers, only one or two studies have been done for each cancer type, so more research must be done before anyone can say for sure that there is a link.

16、If it can’t swallow the whole thing, it will settle for its head, and that roach is dead for sure (or at least, dying, because roaches are known to survive for a while without heads).

17、Nobody, of course, can tell for sure, but I expect a lot more really great promotional prices and a lot more ways for suppliers to try to wring extra bucks out of your pockets.

18、I know how to do this, for sure, but I have the feeling I’ll need to use it a few times; therefore, it makes sense to localize (no pun intended) my Twitter-specific logic into a service.

19、No one knows for sure why humans would find pleasure in pain, but Dr. Rozin suggests that there’s a thrill, similar to the fun of riding a roller coaster.

20、It is hard to say, wether Napoleon is a hero or a bad sinner, but it is for sure that he is really a great person, a person who have created the history.

21、But one thing is for sure, traveling will be much easier from now on, as I can leave whenever I want without having to juggle rent, the dog, and, well, stuff.

22、How do I know for sure that my world is not also a sophisticated charade, put forward by some super-human intelligence in such a way that I cannot possibly detect the ruse?

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