walk on造句

walk on造句

1、We walk on the boardwalk 3 miles each day.

2、You walk on ahead. I shall soon catch you up.

3、So, you want to walk on water, eh?

4、We walk on and on in the dark over the loose gravel.

5、”So, you want to walk on water, eh?” I asked. He nodded his head anxiously.

6、You can go to martial art classes, walk on the beach, or shout into a pillow.

7、The breaking of his right leg made him walk on crutches only.

8、We walk on. As we walk over the rise I seethe Meadow laid out before us, and Henry is standing in the clearing.

9、Panama City, Panama: Workers walk on the bottom of Miraflores locks as they carry out work on the Panama Canal.

10、The woman whose leg had been amputated could get a prosthesis and learn to walk on it.

11、One of the members of the Ulas family, from Turkey, some of whom walk on all fours.

12、And still, some of us were born to walk on water… to invent the capability of doing so.

13、Perceptions may be a bigger threat to tourism than oil; on his latest visit Mr Obama purposefully chose to walk on a clean beach.

14、In the Dongdaqiao area, the traffic volunteers are very conscientious and often shout at pedestrians who wish to walk on the side road originally intended for bicycles.

15、This pretty secretary is sure to get a high rate of second glance if(/when)she takes a walk on the street

16、If only she could turn and go home too… and find Grandfather well again… instead of her having to walk on through this ugly place…

17、Recently, Strogatz’ work has been in the news as British engineers released the definitive paper on the Millenium Bridge wobble, and its roots in how people walk on an unpredictable surface.

18、I walk on tiled floors, white speckled with grey. Like my hair and the hair of most people here, though I’m the only one in the hallway this morning.

19、Style Sins: While most guys would treat embroidered cowboy shirts like diseased cattle at the department store and walk on by, Chris Sacca hasn’t met one he didn’t want to snuggle.

20、But whiteness is enigmatic – and because a cruise is so far from being an overland expedition, you feel an urge to get off the boat and walk on the big slab of ice.

21、This means when you walk onto the showroom floor you’re not bombarded with what I refer to as “beyond eager” sales people.

22、’How many people in the world have had a chance to sit in a royal landau or walk onto the dais at Windsor Castle even before the Queen has done so?’ she said.

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