step on造句

step on造句

1、Sorry! Did I step on your foot?

2、It goes through step by step on how to make simple beaded earrings.

3、One can step on them not drowning in the mud.

4、Now watch your step on the dark stairs.

5、On which day could I freely step on the way of return home without any misgiving?

6、Try and step on them and your foot will start sinking like in a quicksand.

7、They’ve taken the first step on what I think will be a longer – and tougher – journey of reinvention.

8、Those hands were shaping stone tools; tools that represent the first step on the great journey of shaping our world.

9、The plan for you is immaculate and your destiny, and provides for all that is necessary to see you firmly step on the path to Ascension.

10、Short suit can make below half body of the person appears too long, give person cobbly the sense, resemble a little step on stilt.

11、As a result, they had to depend on their own initiative to get things right, and one team member in particular could virtually be relied upon to step on the proverbial banana skin.

12、Senator Biden, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he believes Pakistan has taken an important step on the road to democracy with this week’s parliamentary elections.

13、The naturalized river is an important aspect of the park that helps reduce the urban heat island effect and is a safe place where people can just step on in.

14、Each sensor has its own microelectrode, and these are placed in contact with nerve cells in the retina, called bipolar cells, the first step on the pathway from the eye to the brain.

15、Naturally, but that is only step one.

16、You only need to do this step once.

17、that some people drive several miles over a dirt road to get there and then discover that they are too afraid to step onto the walkway.

18、Last year the Hong Kong government demolished the famed Star Ferry terminal and Queen’s Pier, where British royalty used to step onto the territory, in favor of a harbor development plan.

19、In 1998 a movie actress who was most famous for being the wife of Tom Cruise took her first step onto a Broadway stage and was instantly transformed into her own dazzling woman.

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