1、The music distracted her from her work.

2、Can a distracted America remain a bulwark for eastern Europe?

3、Noise outside distracted her mind from her studies.

4、Still, voters might be distracted by some cheery economic news.

5、These traits made Albert Einstein the patron saint of distracted school kids everywhere.

6、Yet, even this situated, detailed consideration can be distracted by The Transformational View’s process orientation.

7、When working, one should concentrate and not allow oneself to be distracted.

8、The innate bias of the human brain, after all, is to be distracted.

9、For some time, she was distracted however, after falling in love and marrying British real-estate heir Justin Portman.

10、Quaintly distracted, he never quite got my name right, sometimes calling me Miss Loon or Miss Voon.

11、But you don’t understand: incoherence of imagery is a fair representation of the acutely distracted and fractured mind.

12、And so they are distracted I guess in a way, and their resources, their money, their budgets and their time .

13、They might be less distracted by irrelevant noise and therefore able to put more of their resources toward the task at hand.

14、They were more easily distracted, had less control over their attention, and were much less able to distinguish important information from trivia.

15、It is easy to get distracted and sidetracked from your mission because Satan would rather have you do anything besides sharing your faith.

16、The study also found extreme anxiety has meant many people are distracted at work, enduring sleepless nights and even suffering rifts with their partners.

17、Perhaps the standards bodies and their members should focus their efforts on finishing the basic, core workflow standard and not be so distracted by the outer layers.

18、Player hating is part of human nature, so it’s no surprise that other Valley investors have whispered with glee that the once-dominant Sequoia seems distracted by all this.

19、And so they are distracted I guess in a way, and their resources, their money, their budgets, their time are focused on these near-term issues, rather than the long term.

20、Even embedded systems that are mostly stationary and secluded (like household appliances) have a strong contextual element: A host juggling plates of hot food for a dinner party is going to be distracted, not in a state of mind to navigate a cumbersome set of controls for a smart oven.

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