1、He said: “I think the droughts [and dust storms] in Australia are a harbinger.”

2、Global droughts continue to ravage farmland, intensifying widespread malnutrition and poverty.

3、With people having little incentive to conserve, the authorities then have to resort to rationing when droughts occur.

4、The glaciers are melting, storms have increased in ferocity, there are landslides and floods, followed by droughts and deforestation.

5、Disease outbreaks, other disasters and emergencies (armed conflicts, droughts, etc) and the degradation of grazing land are also threats.

6、In recent years, floods, droughts, wildfires and pollution have devastated traditional harvests and in many cases, it is expected to get worse.

7、An unparalleled heat wave in eastern Europe, coupled with intense droughts and fires in Russia, put Earth’s temperatures in the headlines this summer.

8、Writing in the journal Science, Lewis and his scientific team say the droughts are probably caused by the northward movement of especially warm water in the Atlantic Ocean.

9、British farmers have also cut back on sheep production since the 2001 hoof-and-mouth scare. In Australia, falling wool prices in the 1990s and crippling droughts hit the industry hard.

10、Trees, for example, react to downpours with a spurt of growth. During the longer droughts that follow, the extra biomass then dries up so that if lightning strikes, forests burn more spectacularly.

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