diesel engine造句

diesel engine造句

1、On longer trips, the diesel engine ACTS as a generator to recharge the battery, rather than driving the wheels directly.

2、The K21 IFV has a 750-horsepower turbo-diesel engine and 40mm auto cannon designed to shoot down slow-moving helicopters and aircraft.

3、The boat is built of steel hull, aluminum – welded deckhouse, round bilge, transom stern, single continuous deck, longitudinal framing, four engines, four rudders and diesel engine driven.

4、With a cough of blue smoke the diesel engine fired up and the driver wasted no time in crunching it into gear and thrusting it out amongst the blaring horns of midday London traffic.

5、But, what really makes it a strong SUV for the zombie apocalypse is the fact that Jeep has confirmed that the Grand Cherokee will get a diesel engine for 2013.

6、They operate diesel engines in this room.

7、One of the diesel engines for emergency power supply.

8、Our factory has turned over to the making of diesel engines.

9、There are thousands of taxis with diesel engines in Madrid, and they have severely polluted the air.

10、The southern European producers, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Fiat, already make large Numbers of small cars with efficient diesel engines.

11、The team installed a biodiesel engine and refitted the interior with hemp-upholstered seats and EcoSpun flooring made from recycled soda bottles.

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