lead the way造句

lead the way造句

1、Please lead the way.

2、You lead the way and I follow.

3、Comrade Snowball will lead the way.

4、I’ll lead the way this time.

5、It is essential that I lead the way.

6、Angola lead the way, our team is our people.

7、Angola lead the way ,oqr team is our people.

8、Lighting dream will lead the way to conquer English!

9、Old horses are wise animals who know their way. Let them lead the way for us!

10、We want to lead the way in restoring the health of the ocean for future generations.

11、You open the way? If you can lead the way, I won’t forget to come in with Tietou.

12、It’s so dark here in the garden. I think you’d better lead the way.

13、The uncertainty surrounding climate change argues for action, not inaction. America should lead the way.

14、At home, their spirit helped lead the way to civil rights progress in the United States.

15、He lost his way in a daze and caught him and led him to lead the way.

16、When markets change, agents can lead the way, not follow along grudgingly.

17、And yes, marketers will lead the way, and probably get a lot of it wrong.

18、I think technology can help lead the way by creating new jobs and redefining employment.

19、In Europe ever-cleaner diesels lead the way and hybrids have yet to make much headway.

20、We told you in seance that David would lead the way out of the darkness into the light.

21、Ready or not, the way we light our homes and offices is about to change, and the technology that will lead the way is somewhere in this hall.

22、Because we are not familiar with the route to Shishou, Anxiang riding friends lead the way ahead.

23、They lead the way for blind man, don’t know wearily a life of looking after the disabled.

24、Thinking that was reasonable, the king ordered several old horses to be selected to lead the way.

25、Asia’s price rises lead the way, as they did when the data were last published in July.

26、But if successful this could lead the way to a more standardized and accurate way in which to measure the performance benefits of various SOA-based implementations.

27、Markets with higher Internet participation will obviously lead the way, as will markets with higher subscriber penetration.

28、Xiu Han Dynasty by Wang Mang to kill this golden rooster lead the way by which name.

29、I felt that America would lead the way, taking its cue from downward pressures on the dollar and the risk of higher long-term interest rates.

30、Her habits of ready submission, on the contrary, made her almost instantly rise and lead the way out of the room.

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