1、Metals are eroded by acids.

2、Battery acid had eroded the engine.

3、The running water eroded a gully.

4、One consequence of this is that a number of pillars of business orthodoxy are being eroded.

5、The novelty of going to second grade quickly eroded to a dull ache.

6、That (along with the cack-handed approach of the Bush administration) has eroded once-fervent Atlanticist sentiments.

7、It formed when a volcanic dome hardened and gradually eroded, exposing the onion-like layers of rock.

8、Subsequent burial under younger sediments consolidated the eroded materials to form the conglomerate exposed at the surface today.

9、Scientists think such inverted craters form when an impact basin fills with sediment and the material around that sediment gets eroded away.

10、The reality is that the reform process has progressively eroded the motivation and ability of an increasingly bourgeois Party elite to formulate and implement such countervailing policies.

11、Researchers will be studying the soil on the moon via the hit to examine how the soil is eroded by radiation and micrometeoroids.

12、When other satellites photographed the surface of Mars, the pictures of the Cydonia region revealed that the face was just an eroded mesa.

13、Although it resembles an impact crater, it formed when a volcanic dome hardened and gradually eroded, exposing the onion-like layers of rock.

14、She was initially a pure and innocent graduate, but was later eroded by the life in metropolis, and finally became a lover of Song Siming, a government official who had got married.

15、Huangyao Ancient Town, situated at northeast of Guangxi Hezhou Zhaoping County and at downstream Li River, is famous for enormous water-eroded cave, booths and pavilions, ancestral temples, old trees and couplets and plaques, and is named as“ Home of poem”.

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