bring about造句

bring about造句

1、The move stopped the pound’s decline but failed to bring about a significant rally.

2、My endeavors to bring about a settlement were ended in vain.

3、And so angelic armies will break into history and bring about the solution to the problem.

4、Yet it has the potential to bring about profound changes because of the economics involved.

5、Maybe the biggest worry is that this kind of bullshit may ultimately bring about the end of the world.

6、God doesn’t tempt anyone, but He able to use temptation as a means to bring about growth in our lives.

7、Trust me-merely sticking to the latest fad diet or reaching for the perfect BMI won’t bring about the transformation.

8、Affectionately known as Tarzan, Lord Heseltine helped bring about the revival of the London Docklands and down-at-heel parts of Liverpool three decades ago.

9、Weaponization of outer space will not only impede its peaceful use, but also bring about unprecedented harm to the global strategic stability.

10、Our goal is to bring about eventual peaceful resolution of these issues. But imposing sanctions will not necessarily get us there, and may even prove counterproductive.

11、Although it gets hated emotionally, arbitrage is an economic opportunity in nature as well as logic of market economy to bring about such inevitable behavior.

12、Time, then, to rekindle a little glamour, by using lasers to bring about nuclear fusion, the great prize of energy research.

13、I was one of them, standing in the crowd with my three-year-old son, full of hope that such a strong populist showing would bring about serious reform.

14、In praying for another, know that your silent inner knowing of wholeness, beauty, and perfection can change the negative patterns of the other’s subconscious mind and bring about wonderful results.

15、At the same time he sees the king as a genuine if unlikely reformer, doing his best to bring about social and educational change and soften the edges of unreconstructed Wahhabism.

16、His final assertion is the most telling, as it illustrates his faith in the principle that more money -a return of us dollars from China -would bring about more prosperity.

17、The libertarian goals are “realistic” in the sense that they could be achieved if enough people agreed on their desirability, and that, if achieved, they would bring about a far better world.

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