effect on造句

effect on造句

1、B.P.A. has great effect on reproduction.

2、The molecular aggregate effect on the spectra was discussed.

3、The price increase has had no perceptible effect on sales.

4、The new system has had a disastrous effect on productivity.

5、This will have a negligible effect on the temperature.

6、Her death had an unbalancing effect on Joe’s mind.

7、Divorce has a negative effect on children. There is not much evidence that custodial arrangements per se have an effect.

8、Another Mexican devaluation and debt crisis that had a knock-on effect on Brazil.

9、Maternal effect on dormancy of mature seed and embryo were found, but no effect on embryonic sensitivity to ABA during seed development.

10、But King admits the election has an effect on market sentiment.

11、The value of a book isn’t in its accuracy but the great effect on its readers.

12、This study also found that good preoperative function had a positive effect on postoperative satisfaction.

13、Stillness has a calming effect on the world around us as well.

14、This pronouncement seemed to have a considerable effect on the public.

15、But there’s a lot of evidence that similarity, above and beyond proximity, has an effect on attractiveness and on liking.

16、Likewise, the Women’s Health Study found no significant effect of the vitamin on total cancer incidence or cancers of the breast, lung or colon, nor any effect on cancer deaths.

17、Tabs have one distinct advantage over other types of navigation: they have a positive psychological effect on visitors.

18、But there is no effect on year-to-year cash flows, because depreciation is not a cash outlay.

19、It is a missed opportunity financially but it has no effect on budgeted performance, and that’s the key thing.

20、A Mathematical model of quantum noise having much effect on the low-light-imaging system is set up.

21、Stark and her team also observed that reindeer have a tremendous effect on what grows in the forest.

22、Conclusion Acupuncture on points of the Governor Vessel has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on heroin dependence withdrawal syndrome and can effectively relieve abstinence symptoms.

23、A few ideas I liked particularly are a Disarm effect on a 1 minute cooldown, or a Pummel on a short cooldown.

24、SPURRED on by the Northern League, many towns in northern Italy have formed officially condoned vigilante groups, rules for which took effect on August 8th.

25、There have been no studies of the effects of a low carbohydrate diet on pregnancy, so its effect on the fetus, if any, are unknown.

26、The move could have the same disruptive effect on the TV and movie industries as digital downloads have already had on music.

27、Ningnanmycin has effect on virus disease of crops via inducing plant to bring PR protein systematically, reducing concentration of nucleocapsid in frond and destroying nucleocapsid structure.

28、This standardization of public and private Spaces has a standardizing effect on life and its rhythms, narrowing the sphere of desires and aversions, of sensual experience and taste.

29、Loans do not have to be sold to cash in on their rising value: marking the assets to their market value has the same beneficial effect on profits and on managers’ pay.

30、The recent series of government packages, notwithstanding their scale and speed, has had little demonstrable effect on the level of confidence or the outlook for ongoing activity.

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