1、The doctrinal or theological significance has been overlooked.

2、Money and other basics tend to get overlooked.

3、Moreover, the new government overlooked the governor over the oven.

4、It took us, and the national media, to places in the American heartland too often overlooked.

5、But a frequently overlooked fact about that fable is that the boy was eventually proved right.

6、Sadly, adding extra contrast is one of the most overlooked and under-used techniques.

7、Australia is rich, tranquil and mostly overlooked, yet it has a story to tell.

8、The impact of Derrida’s deconstruction theory on the construction of the feminist criticism discourse can never be overlooked.

9、There are subtle issues of cryptography, replay attacks, and various other forms of attack that are easily overlooked.

10、Requirements were overlooked, scope was hard to track, and a significant amount of work and rework was wasted.

11、I had overlooked the necessity of having an “iron will”, my own powers of will having little or none of this peculiar metallic quality.

12、like the ingénue in a corny movie, there I was: the patient and long overlooked understudy,” writes Ms Walters in her candid new memoir, “Audition”.

13、The disposable coffee cup lid falls squarely in the category of random, everyday objects that you might assume are overlooked, but are actually quite the opposite.

14、Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can do only so much when tumor cells hide in plain sight and even a single overlooked cell can seed new disease.

15、I now understand better the force of the term “treading on eggshells”, for greyish chicks and speckled eggs lay everywhere, easily overlooked on the guano-spattered rocks.

16、CEOP’s Penn said another key issue that had been overlooked is that children holding, or distributing indecent images of a person under 18 to someone else, could be breaking the law.

17、But the more real risk is that that a large chunk of a rapidly changing economy has again been overlooked by the statisticians, and the official data understates the true size of the Chinese economy.

18、Still, “A Celebration of Harold Pinter” is a stirring tribute to a man who lived boldly, and the trove of work—some of it overlooked—that he left behind.

19、The Irish Midlands are often overlooked by people rushing from Dublin to Galway or other parts of the west coast, but it’s a magical land dotted with ringforts and medieval castles.

20、There is an important distinction between two sorts of enthymemes that has been wholly overlooked by almost everybody — one that also subsists between the syllogisms treated of in dialectic.

21、One may find it necessary to revisit the site or talk to the client again once the design phase itself has been started because some item of information was overlooked the first time or one’s memory and impression simply need refreshing.

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