1、Chile and Peru have trade agreements with China.

2、A traditional soup from Peru, cilantro, Brasa chicken, potatoes, rice, carrots, peas.

3、Imported from Peru, the potato became the fuel for the rise of Europe.

4、Deep inside an ancient pyramid in Peru, a mummy lay hidden in a gold-filled tomb.

5、The gendered experience of stigmatization in severe and persistent mental illness in Lima, Peru.

6、Some indigenous tribes in this part of the world consider themselves autonomous – they don’t follow the laws of Peru.

7、Lima, Peru: Prisoners celebrate after the final of the Penitentiary Copa America football tournament at Miguel Castro Castro prison.

8、Last month I went on an extraordinary, epic journey through the Andes mountains of Peru and Ecuador.

9、Consider the case of Steve Li, a 20-year-old college student who spent two months in an Arizona detention center facing deportation to Peru.

10、The risk of catching tuberculosis (TB) and other airborne diseases may be reduced simply by opening Windows and doors, according to a study in Peru.

11、Yet Mitsubishi and many other big Japanese corporations had invested in Peru, so there were plenty of Japanese businessmen looking for good sushi.

12、The low pull-back was met crisply by Peru striker Pizarro, although goalkeeper Colin Doyle should have kept the effort out.

13、As a result, growers have moved back: in the past decade, the area used for coca rose by 55% in Peru and 42% in Bolivia.

14、He’s a student of Chicago lore and a friend of my friend Jessica Hopper, a music critic and author who was born in Cole Porter’s hometown of Peru, Indiana.

15、This fall was supposed to be a quiet sojourn in New York, said Mr. Vargas Llosa, who sometimes lives in Peru and sometimes in Spain – or wherever his writing and teaching take him.

16、Chile’s appetite for new kit is a worry for both Bolivia and Peru, which dispute its land and maritime borders respectively and which were the losers in a 19th-century war.

17、The group talked about the trip, about Peru and Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, recalled the roads and the spills and the near misses and the things they had seen which would stay with them forever.

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