1、How prophetic are these examples?

2、See the examples below for clarification.

3、The examples in Part 2 were contrived.

4、The examples will make this clear.

5、These are all examples of transmission principles.

6、Some examples of architectural styles are shown below 9.

7、This new helmet manual draws on such examples.

8、Original examples of Wang Xizhi’s handwriting are rarely seen today.

9、Successive parliamentary inquiries have revealed appalling examples of waste.

10、I’m simply not adding those features to the examples below, because I think there are enough occurrences of them in the examples above.

11、Because of this, it’s critical to ensure that enough instructional matter, good examples, and validation tools are available to make sure that bad examples do not proliferate.

12、You can see examples of it in action at the Conversational Capital blog.

13、At the moment, they have precious few examples to point to.

14、Have you seen any good examples of situation evocation among the people you know?

15、These examples use three implementations of the ubiquitous stock quote service.

16、The book of Acts gives a number of examples of apostolic teaching on this matter.

17、But there are many examples of profitable businesses that consume cash. And there are also examples of unprofitable businesses that produce cash, at least for a period of time.

18、That’s an encouraging sign for an industry looking for examples of what can work in a persistently depressed market.

19、China’s history is full of shimmering metaphors, parallels and examples that usually help to throw light on current events.

20、Numerical examples for the retardation of some specimens under different loading conditions have been carried out by the present model.

21、Besides, there are plenty of examples of “faceless conglomerates” doing an excellent job of nurturing local brands.

22、Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.

23、White rule in Argentina, apartheid in South African and the murder of Native Americans are some examples of how the Western world brutally violates human right.

24、In further tests those who had identified themselves as independent remembered more examples of independent behaviour as well as resisting an experimental suggestion that they weren’t independent.

25、Note that sugar has various aliases: Brown sugar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup and evaporated cane juice are a few examples.

26、This is the tool used to test the examples in this article and it is expected to support the full interchange profile by early 2006.

27、These two examples describe how loneliness can arise from either the loss of connection to others, or being unable to form new connections.

28、The tombs, designed in keeping with the Chinese principles of geomancy( feng-shui), provide outstanding evidence of Chinese beliefs and traditions from the14 th century onwards and are significant examples of architecture and applied arts from that period.

29、My conclusion from these examples is that it is easy, tempting, and wrong to make blanket statements about psychology and technology — about what we humans “always” want our tools to do.

30、Based on real engineering examples, an elementary analysis and introduction is made on the check measurement of horizontal bearing capacity of city flood dike foundation pile in respects of measurement principal, measuring data processing, math processing of spot testing results.

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