black hole造句

black hole造句

1、The kids were shining a torch into the black hole.

2、You pretend that this black hole which you worship exists.

3、The accretion onto the black hole is the source of the quasar’s energy.

4、Without information, we are working in the dark, pouring money into a black hole.

5、May 2001: While scientists are nearly certain that matter spins violently into the vortex of a black hole, new research shows that a black hole itself can rotate, just like a star.

6、These results help explain how a supermassive black hole can alter the evolution of its host galaxy.

7、For certain models, small perturbations to the extra dimensions would probably cause all the black holes and strings to ultimately merge into one giant black hole.

8、Such simulations could be important to study particle collisions and black hole formation in greater detail, he says.

9、No light escapes from a black hole – we can only detect them by their effects on nearby matter.

10、Matter funnels into the supermassive black hole from a ring of material circling around it and called an accretion disk.

11、His mouth had swollen into a shapeless cherry-coloured mass with a black hole in the middle of it.

12、Cheng’s model describes how, as the black hole continues to devour stars, shockwaves are created as hot plasma is repeatedly and periodically injected into the halo.

13、We’d be able to connect a lot of the physics happening within the gaseous environment and accretion disk to the binary black hole merger to the gravitational radiation.

14、There might be a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy swallowing up stars at a very rapid rate.

15、A spindly path of red and blue panels spidered out above nothing but star-studded space and a yawning black hole.

16、The results of this study imply that the feeble, but erratic behavior of the black hole in the Milky Way could potentially be typical for present-day supermassive black holes.

17、Modern technology has created some thorny problems (Can a particle accelerator open up a cataclysmic black hole that will destroy the Earth?

18、As matter accretes toward the black hole‘s center, tidal forces and other phenomena ejects superheated material into space, which makes the black hole a major source of radio waves.

19、A giant black hole spouting energy from inside a galaxy is acting like a cosmic magnifying glass, giving astronomers a clear view of an even more distant galaxy behind it.

20、The result is that the development project will no longer be a black hole into which money is poured in the hope that some software will appear at some vaguely specified point in the future.

21、This black string will destabilize into a whole string of black holes, connected by further black strings, until the black strings are pinched off entirely and leave the set of black holes.

22、But certain things aren’t detectable using conventional methods: black holes, for instance, or cold dark matter.

23、The waves that emanate from the collision of two black holes should be detectable.

24、His model focuses on the way that black holes warp space and time.

25、They are like black holes burnt by torches in a tapestry of Tyre.

26、I think it is still unclear whether black holes play any role in the formation of the first galaxies.

27、These are extremely luminous (and distant) galaxies whose energy output is powered by massive black holes at their centres.

28、But if spin can be proved a universal aspect of black holes, then the rate of spin can be used to infer something very important about a black hole‘s history.

29、Given that it could be trillions of years or more before even that happens, we don’t have to worry too much about rogue black holes.

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