The prince造句

The prince造句

1、The prince sees Cinderella.

2、The prince and the fish

3、The prince protested his innocence.

4、The prince indulged in luxury.

5、The prince finished his story.

6、The prince picked it up.

7、The prince finds Cinderella’s shoe.

8、The prince allied himself with the Scots.

9、The prince picked up the dance shoe.

10、The prince was not content, though.

11、The prince bowed and kissed her hand.

12、The prince preserved an indifferent silence.

13、 In the auditorium, accompanied by applause at the same time is the cheers of the audience, including the loud voice of men, but also the voice of small and restrained, but full of emotional women.

14、The prince rode a,milk-white `horse.

15、The prince liked the princess, and so did the frog prince. Cinderella was just by chance.

16、Once more, he heard the buzz of low voices exclaiming, “The prince, the prince comes!”

17、The prince and the princess lived happily ever after.

18、The prince fell under the spell of her beauty.

19、The prince had provided all the appliances of pleasure.

20、The prince vituperated against the developers for ruining London’s skyline.

21、The prince was turned into a frog by the witch.

22、The prince travelled incognito to avoid crowds and ceremonies.

23、The prince had performed his social duties with professional rigour.

24、”The prince was in trouble,” my brother explained sheepishly.

25、The prince guessed at what was passing in his heart.

26、The prince was soon to be crowned King of England.

27、 The next day, when the sky was light, the prince got up in his clothes and held the ginseng soup with Fang. The prince came and drank it.

28、The prince communicated his dislike of the design of the modernist complex to the Qatari emir.

29、The prince often looked with delight upon his gold and his magnificent edifices, and thought, like the crowd: “What a mighty prince!”

30、The prince, his family, and the little mermaid sailed to the princess’s country.

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