1、One example is the California condor.

2、Disenchanted Night. University of California Press, 1988.

3、Jerrel is also in California, where he is a machinist.

4、Reader: Langley P. Eide, 33, of Redwood City, California.

5、In the US, California has been a pioneer.

6、But California is not America’s only green enclave.

7、As Dean Misczynski at the Public Policy Institute of California puts it, California is “on the verge of a vast experiment”. Will crime go up or down?

8、While the politicians who run California pat themselves on the back and claim a ‘California Comeback,’ they willfully ignore millions of our neighbors who are living in poverty.

9、Most bloggers rant and rave outside the gates, but in California they hold positions of power within the party: Mr Fleischman is the vice-chairman for southern California.

10、Residents in Oregon and northern California have been advised to evacuate low-lying areas.

11、The hosts of the show conducted another test in a trendy Southern California restaurant.

12、I agree that you don’t have to date Taiwanese guys; since you’re in California,

13、The new 1,310-megawatt deal will supply enough electricity to power about 530,000 homes in California.

14、Howling Santa Ana winds fanned the flames of several southern California wildfires this week.

15、Any of several related white or red grapes chiefly grown in California and France and used for making wine.

16、Kerry Knudsen, lichen curator of the University of California, Riverside Herbarium, discovered the species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California.

17、Resistance training also reverses muscle aging, according to a study at the Buck Institute for Age Research in Novato, California.

18、The larger structure is the Salton Trough, a depression that stretches from the Gulf of California, through the modern Colorado River Delta, and northwestward into California as far as the Salton Sea.

19、And each ebb during the three decades since Mr Brown’s first reign has revealed California less dressed than before.

20、He began with a barbershop in Santa Ana, California that was stuffed with books, newspapers and magazines.

21、Impressively, Michigan had the third-highest number of clean-tech patents from 1999 to 2008, behind only California and New York, reckons Pew.

22、Other authors on the paper are from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Kobe University, Stony Brook University, the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University California, Berkeley.

23、Arsenic levels are lower in rice from certain regions, including California and parts of India; rice from these sources could be blended with higher arsenic rice before sale.

24、The California Natural Resources Agency says the largest nugget ever mined in the state was found in 1854 and weighed 195 pounds.

25、Hoover Dam provided the two key ingredients – water and power – that freed the Southwest and southern California to go on a 75-year growth spurt.

26、To clean up the air, California is the only state in the U.S. to require all ships to use low-sulfur fuel when they are within 44 kilometers of the shore.

27、Two hours by car southeast of Johannesburg, where the California-quality N3 Motorway meets a two-lane blacktop highway called R34, a stretch of spectacularly deteriorated road begins to show itself.

28、Solar power benefited from the same credits and, beginning in 1980, had the additional sweetener of a California property-tax exemption to defray the cost of acres of mirrors.

29、”Either way, it would be unpleasant if you were there,” said Greg Laughlin, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who was not involved in the study.

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