1、Security forces shot dozens of unarmed protesters.

2、Only a few of the dozens of ights are blinking.

3、Mecca already boasts dozens of fancy international hotels.

4、Dozens of former students gathered with his family and neighbors at the small house in Yanshi, which had been adorned with dozens of brightly colored paper wreaths.

5、Near the door is an open carton containing dozens of boxes of chewing gum.

6、“This snag is partially alive,” he explained, pointing to dozens of green sprouts on the trunk.

7、I talked with a rodeo performer, a retired nurse, a General Motorsemployee, and dozens of others.

8、There are dozens of them-by one count, more than a hundred.

9、As one of the countries that saw the genesis of vodka, Poland produces dozens of varieties.

10、Many donor countries also separately manage large bilateral food programs, providing food or money to dozens of needy countries.

11、Each one of these strike-throughs meant billions of dollars and thousands of jobs lost in dozens of congressional districts.

12、It takes dozens of years to foster a person, but takes only a few days to ruin him.

13、Somehow, one day they’ll line up44 in front of the drugstore by the dozens, holding prescriptions in their hands.

14、The fire burns through dozens of homes before frantic villagers are able to put down the blaze.

15、Today, multiprocessor systems are cheap and plentiful, nearly every major microprocessor has built-in support for multiprocessing, and many support dozens or hundreds of processors.

16、But it wasn’t for a lack of trying, by both investigators and a forensic sculptor whose work has helped identify dozens of the nameless dead.

17、ANYONE undertaking a repetitive or routine task knows the problem: suddenly something they have done dozens or hundreds of times before goes wrong.

18、Yes, volunteering makes you feel good. Yes, you learn about other people. But there are dozens of other reasons people volunteer, too.

19、Aerial photographs of the Delta show dozens of tankers illegally linked to pipelines, siphoning off millions of barrels of crude for sale abroad.

20、Carnage is expected soon as dozens of what were once the safest jobs in journalism are axed, since too few of the staff have accepted a generous offer of voluntary redundancy.

21、Mr. Yan’s big break came in 2000 when he was among dozens of prospective suppliers invited to demonstrate products to Home Depot at a baseball stadium in St. Petersburg, Fla.

22、Swedish authorities reported the deaths of dozens of jackdaws, hundreds of dead snapper were found in New Zealand, and 100 tons of catfish and sardines washed up in Brazil.

23、A computer network set up by Advanced Research Project Agency of the U. S. Department of Defense. This international network allows its members to use the facilities and access the data from dozens of different computers.

24、He was sitting in a plastic chair, dozens of women in ripped dresses singing and dancing around him, little children with runny noses and distended bellies squeezing his hand.

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