1、The militiamen often practise shooting.

2、Why don’t you practise what you preach?

3、Another interviewee wanted to practise for her wedding night.

4、He was a Catholic but didn’t practise his religion.

5、You’ll never learn to drive a car if you don’t practise.

6、Don’t prattle about your theory. You must practise it and prove it.

7、Only about a sixth of the world’s nations practise birthright citizenship.

8、You’ll never learn to ride a bicycle if you don’t practise.

9、As well as preaching pluralism, the old state-backed 【 15 】 outfits should practise it too.

10、It’s good to practise repentance to dissolve feelings of guilt and practise proper animal liberation to ‘make up’ for the mistake too, to share merits with any animals indirectly harmed.

11、Info-tech can arouse student’s i nterest in study, induce the con-scious of creation, practise divergent thinking and convergent thinking.

12、(3) The armed guards, the police and the bailifls all keep out of the way and dare not go near the villages to practise their extortions.

13、Japan’s critics say that by using a loophole in the IWC charter to practise “scientific” whaling, the country is violating the spirit of the document.

14、Bearded eccentrics in cluttered attics, and lavender-scented maiden aunts, will continue to practise it, just as there will still be people who bake their own bread or scythe the meadow grass.

15、Alongside them were people lower down the social pyramid, who may have been obliged to practise archery at the weekend as part of the village posse but were not as well trained.

16、The software includes interactive games designed to help students learn and review new vocabulary and animated scenes which allow them to practise and revise new expressions and sentence patterns.

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