1、Jesus was an emissary from the spheres of light, incarnated in me.

2、There’s a lot of wasted material when wrapping spheres with square pieces of foil or paper.

3、Maathai was a pioneer from an early age and in many spheres.

4、Inside test tubes in his lab float microscopic, hollow spheres of fat-primitive membrane bubbles.

5、Spatial ability is located in both brain hemi spheres for women but does not have a specific measurable location as it does in males.

6、We have a prevailing view in our society – not only in the policy world, but in many spheres – that we are divided creatures.

7、July 25: in science and technology, spheres of society where women are woefully underrepresented, this day in history offers a bountiful exception. Here are the milestones.

8、The architect sees the dividing line between public and private spheres as an active battleground, one that is constantly shifting and readjusting as society’s norms change and evolve.

9、Critics, however, retort that the diversification of Mexico’s criminal cartels show they are getting stronger and eating into more and more spheres of national life.

10、Dr He’s team experimented with different shapes and found a simple one-step method using polystyrene spheres treated with oxygen and then coated with silica to build raspberry-like shapes.

11、The internal circles of the Atom mirror the cosmos, at once a law-abiding nucleus of energy, and at the same time the concentric heavenly spheres spinning in the galaxy.

12、The size of the spheres can be tailored to scatter particular wavelengths of light-a useful property for security applications in which it is important that materials can be identified precisely.

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