worn out造句

worn out造句

1、My coat was worn out.

2、The shoes were worn out of shape.

3、Every morning she would tuck a new piece of cardboard in our shoes because our soles were worn out.

4、His tattered cloth jacket, patched trousers, worn out shoes, and warm personality made him stand out from the usual Saturday morning breakfast crowd.

5、They explained to God that it was tough and exhausting and their feet were worn out from always running from cats and dogs and people.

6、I read about a pair of stinky, smelly, worn out basketball shoes that sold for $7, 000 at an auction because they happened to be owned by someone named Michael Jordan.

7、Once the instru-ments are worn out, the musicians, and a conductor who doubles as cook, toss each onesintosa stewpot to make soup — to be enjoyed by the audience after the concert.

8、By the end of the meetings, he felt a deep sense of ” cultural stress” and was worn out from having to pay attention to so many new expressions and ways of dealing with things.

9、One of them, which was named Foxwood, was a large, neglected, old-fashioned farm, much overgrown by woodland, with all its pastures worn out and its hedges in a disgraceful condition.

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