played out造句

played out造句

1、I’m always played out by the time I finish work on Fridays.

2、The action is played out on three screens in an almost surround-vision experience.

3、The old type of family party is played out, young people demand something more exciting nowadays.

4、Other soul contracts are played out in the dark, and are opportunities to experience your mutual flaws and your shadow self.

5、When their initial lure had played out, the pioneers of the West found other attractions to induce them to stay on.

6、The drama of love that I saw played out at the bar each night as a child is all about the human hunger for safe emotional connection, a survival imperative we experience from the cradle to the grave.

7、My film became an account of the boom and bust years, told through the experience of one family, and all played out under the neon of Vegas, where fortunes are won and lost every night.

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