1、Telemarketers plague our lives.

2、He lives by farming.

3、He lives on relief.

4、She lives with another relative.

5、Tony lives beyond his income.

6、He lives in Victoria Mansions.

7、He lives by a strict moral code.

8、He lives in a mountainous district.

9、She lives in the dormitory on weekdays.

10、A panda lives on bamboo leaves.

11、A tiger lives off some small animals.

12、That is to say, the entire tissue, structure, and nature of our lives our lives are textual lives. That’s what he meant.

13、This should be the prime of our lives.

14、He lives in the student quarter of the city.

15、The majority of its population (about 90%) lives in Doha.

16、We’re honoring the heroism of first responders who risked their lives—and gave their lives—to save others.

17、We had to gear our lives to the new changes .

18、Their intrusion into our private lives is unwarrantable.

19、But in trying to cram so much into our lives, we’re actually deteriorating the quality of those lives.

20、Telecast plays an important role in our daily lives. Its one of the necessary facilities in our lives and amusements.

21、When we intentionally downscale our lives and possessions, it is because we’re seeking something more in our lives, something more meaningful, fulfilling, free, and joyful.

22、Makes you misjudge real life situations and challenges optimistic people tend to think that positive things happen more often in their lives than in the lives of others.

23、Whatever we achieved there will not redeem what it has cost in terms of Iraqi lives, American lives, and expenditure of a trillion dollars or more.

24、What is wrong with having decency and humility in our lives?

25、I look at our patients as if they were living their lives in time-lapse photography.

26、Not to mention those moving cases of nameless drivers saving lives in traffic accidents.

27、My friends, however, weren’t, and I found myself fascinated by their hectic dating lives.

28、Girls don’t like guys who have no lives, and who cling to them like plastic wrap.

29、We continue to acquaint you with the facts relating to your lives upon Earth, and how much of it at this time is preparation for changes, and subsequent lives in the higher dimensions.

30、Often, says Schneider, “these are parents who are leading very, very difficult lives with all kinds of horrifying problems to deal with, and the child is only part of the difficulty of their lives.

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