1、Symptoms include nervousness, irritability, anxiety, muscle twitching, insomnia, headaches, and heart palpitations.

2、An inner cloud of dust rose around the prostrate figures amid the general one of the room, in which a twitching entanglement of arms and legs was discernible.

3、He just stood stiff in the center of the rug, in his hat, the shaggy iron-gray brows twitching slightly above the pebble-colored eyes.

4、Some patients experience tingling in the scalp or twitching of facial muscles. Others experience a headache, which can be relieved by any over-the-counter pain-relief medication.

5、Davyn swung from the rafter, his feet twitching spasmodically as his face turned blue and then black. His swollen tongue fell from his lips and he breathed his last in a rattling gurgle.

6、When the team is kidnapped, the soldiers cut out the tongue of a local missionary as a way of silencing his prayers, and afterwards hold up the twitching bloody lump in glee.

7、A tiny head appears. An expert slash to the neck. A squirt of blood. Students squeal and snap photos with their mobile phones as Chef Zhou whisks the twitching turtle into a wok of boiling water.

8、He closed his eyes and opened them again but what he saw did not change. There, sitting by the window with a thick moustache twitching over his upper lip as he talked to someone opposite him, was no other than the director of the Bureau of Education.

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