carry on造句

carry on造句

1、Capital is lacking to carry on the project.

2、They will carry on their negotiations next week.

3、They pledged their determination to carry on the struggle for socialism.

4、Reasonably to carry on the illumination design and construction is the essential condition to building safeguards.

5、In order to achieve the four modernizations we must carry on our techincal revolution.

6、Yet even those who carry on the most ascetic, pared-down existence depend on petroleum in some form or other.

7、While he pursues talks with Iran, Republicans fret, Iran’s leaders chuckle behind their beards and carry on enriching uranium.

8、Almost as pressing a question, and one also muddied by nationality, is whether to carry on with the bond purchases.

9、We must carry on the patriotic public health campaign with a great fanfare, reduce disease and improve health conditions.

10、At some point each of them decided that she simply could not carry on in the face of an injustice.

11、If we carry on like this, bird flu and swine flu will be just the beginning of a century of viral outbreaks.

12、The Shanghai Expo may now be history, but we can carry on its spirit of openness, dialogue and exchange with the world.

13、The grinding wheel finisher has the structure to be simple, dexterous, characteristics and so on easy to operate, may carry on the renovation to ordinary and the ultra hard grinding wheel.

14、Until then, he said, he and many of his countrymen will carry on living and working on the margins of the law — and no amount of fines, seizures or jail time will dissuade them.

15、We should carry on our good tradition of solidarity and mutual support, step up cooperation on climate change, food security and natural disasters and preserve peace for our homeland.

16、If you so choose to carry on in a similar condition of duality as you are now, that is perfectly acceptable and no one will admonish you or view you as a lesser Being.

17、They will carry on supporting the “official” verdict that is patently false and contrived to protect the real criminals, who will answer for their crimes in the Courts of Justice.

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