air balloon造句

air balloon造句

1、I colour the hot air balloon green.

2、Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?

3、Flying a hot air balloon is full of challenges.

4、I’m frightened to fly a hot-air balloon.

5、a usually open gondola suspended from a hot-air balloon.

6、Caption: Barcelona, Spain: View of the inside of a hot air balloon during the 13th European balloon festival, at Igualada.

7、I would love to take a girl on a hot air balloon ride.

8、A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes he is lost.

9、Immediately upon formation, the fireball begins to grow rapidly and rise like a hot air balloon.

10、A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost.

11、I want to hop the Atlantic by a hot-air balloon.

12、Enjoy the thrill of hot air ballooning over Melbourne at sunrise with Melbourne’s most experienced hot air balloon ride team.

13、Experiment with a helium balloon, a hot air balloon, or a rigid sphere filled with different gases. Discover what makes some balloons float and others sink.

14、Two weeks ago, Fossett’s hot air balloon took off from eastern Northam in Western Australia. After a flight of 31,380 kilometers, the seasoned adventurer’s hot air balloon was aloft over his starting point at 117 east longitude.

15、I turn on the electric fan, the wind speed up, put my small hot air balloon, hey, little balloon through the power of the wind is suspended in mid-air, a shake and I say “hello”!

16、A large helium or hot-air balloon constructed so as to resemble a figure or an object when inflated.

17、If I had a hot air balloon, I would fly around the world and see many wonderful places and things.

18、The dream at that time was to sit in a hot-air balloon and get to a high place.

19、How hot does the air have to be in a hot air balloon if I wanted to use it to lift an elephant?

20、The hot-air balloon not only attaches wings to the flying dream, but also makes this dream appear more colorful and glorious.

21、No. 9, just weeks after falling from his near-fatal stunt in “Armour of God,” Jackie leaps off a cliff and lands safely on a hot air balloon.

22、Rossy, 51, launched himself from a hot air balloon at an altitude of 7, 874 feet (2, 400 metres) near Lake Geneva.

23、The fireball is no longer luminous but it is still very hot and it behaves like a hot-air balloon, rising at a rapid rate.

24、Ground controllers of a hot-air balloon, on a non-stop tour around the world, said the three pilots are expected to fly out of China’s airspace and then cross the Pacific eastwards.

25、As long as you have a dream, you won’t lose your direction. As long as you have a clear goal, you will catch a hot-air balloon flying to success.

26、I helped Dany prepare the hot-air balloon for a tour of the lake. It was a beautiful day, and I couldn’t wait to explore the hillsides looking for ants.

27、It is an architectural jewel of the Renaissance period, surrounded by a moat within 150 acres of wooded park, best viewed from great heights in the most romantic of all rides, a hot air balloon.

28、air ballooning unit

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