1、You are suited to be my assistant.

2、It is better suited for experienced professionals than novice users.

3、Not all parts of a galaxy are suited to life.

4、This solitary place was precisely suited to the requirements of a man desirous of burying treasure.

5、These two air signs are well suited intellectually and every other way.

6、LED festoon lamp — as a low-power light, indoor use only, suited for the ceiling, wall.

7、Affable, friendly, exceedingly shrewd, and speaking French capably, he was admirably suited for his task.

8、Evaluate if your target projects are well suited to these technologies.

9、One reviewer dubbed it “the veriest trash… more suited to the slums than to intelligent, respectable people.”

10、His dour pragmatic side is well-suited to delivering bad news and explaining how to deal with it.

11、As a consequence of this irregularity, the Soundex is not particularly well suited to spell checking in the English language.

12、Case of the main movable components can all be taken off and washed, but only suited to dry cleaning.

13、She looked younger than she had sounded: sleek and blond with bright red lipstick, which suited her.

14、Instead, 21st century learning utilizes an individualized, student-centered approach which more readily establishes students in careers better suited to their inherent drives.

15、Vietnam’s leaders are already discovering that it is hard to run a thriving market economy with the methods that suited a planned economy.

16、But as the upper echelons move into their plush digs, the rest of the city is left to wonder why there aren’t enough satellite towns suited for them.

17、A combination of language, operating system, and software packages suited to the development of expert system. Developed at Carnegie-Mellon University.

18、These analysis mechanisms are quite sophisticated, though they have significant performance burdens and are not suited for consistent use in production environments.

19、It will swivel on its chrome foot, but although it has a business-like air its reclining Angle makes it better suited for a nightcap than working at a desk.

20、The job, which involved the transcription of oral history tapes, had about it a quality of penance that suited me, though after a time I discovered to my chagrin that I was having fun.

21、Finally, if you’re truly looking to help your less tech savvy friends manage their own system resources, these other tools might not be too well suited for doing so.

22、Actually the genus for rose is just Rosa, but what about the fact that a certain type of dandelion is Taraxacum officinale – words surely better suited to being stamped on an accountant’s door?

23、Yet some cows valued primarily for their milk may still end up on a plate, and others may be well suited to graze on grassland that would be useless for growing cash crops.

24、but though he was now established only as a tenant, Miss Bingley was by no means unwilling to preside at his table, nor was Mrs. Hurst, who had married a man of more fashion than fortune, less disposed to consider his house as her home when it suited her.

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