Little Red造句

Little Red造句

1、Little Red Hood said.

2、Good morning, Little Red Hen.

3、Little Red Coat went in.

4、”Little Red Cap, your granddaughter.”

5、”Flowers,” said Little Red Coat.

6、Little Red Riding Hood, come here.

7、Little Red Hood arrived some time after.

8、”Little Red-Cap,” replied the wolf.

9、It’s Little Red Riding Hood,@ she replied.

10、The Wolf ran. Little Red Coat ran.

11、However, just before dawn, Little Red Shoes found that the little red bird had disappeared.

12、Where does your grandmother live, Little Red-Cap?

13、Little Red Riding Hood forgets what mother said.

14、I just looked like Little Red Riding Hood.

15、Research on Comparison between Kindergarten and Little Red Flowers;

16、Little Red Coat saw that the man was her father.

17、Little Red Shoes felt that they had little red birds as companions and had a very pleasant night.

18、She put the coat on the little girl, and said, “I shall call you Little Red Coat.”

19、”Come near, and show me your flowers, Little Red Coat,” said the Wolf.

20、Little Red Riding Hood put her basket on the table and got into bed.

21、”I will take great care,” said Little Red-Cap to her mother.

22、On Significance of Endings from Three Versions of “Little Red Riding Hood”;

23、He wears grandmother’s pajamas and waits for Little Red Riding Hood.

24、The story sets are based on the following fairy tales: Little Red Ridinghood, Three Billy Goats Gruff, and the Three Little Pigs.

25、Little Red Hood: I look like a wolf, but I am alwalys a little red hood. I can not leave you in the wolfs. Now you may go with my granny and take care of her!

26、However, he searched all over the green grass and did not see the shadow of Little Red Shoes.

27、After a while, Qingqing River was stirred up, and Little Red Shoes became dirty and worn shoes.

28、At this time, Little Red Shoe suddenly felt something fall into his shoe pit, and it was moving furiously.

29、I have to admit that the reason why I created the modern dance work “Little Red Ridinghood” is that I missed stage very much.

30、The timber wolf said to the Little Red Cap:“ If you can pick up a bundle of flowers for your granny, she will certainly be happy.

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