1、Shakespeare towers above all other Elizabethan dramatists.

2、What dost thou here between the towers?

3、Unreachable towers protrude upwards from the dusty, earthy surface.

4、Office towers shoot up, and the Audis clog the roads.

5、Weather permitting, toast the towers from the terrace of New Heights in the Bund.

6、Despite the global recession, the skyline continues to sprout apartment towers of dizzying heights.

7、Other friends were working near the towers, and I tried to reach them, unsuccessfully.

8、He built towns in the Judean hills and forts and towers in the wooded areas.

9、Shanghai has its European eccentricity, but little prepares you for the Gothic towers.

10、The theoretical plate number “n” of distillation towers is an important data for distil – lation tower design.

11、The images of those crashing airplanes and falling towers have left a searing mark on our collective memory.

12、The delicate white tufa towers formed where freshwater springs percolate up from the bottom of the lake.

13、Philip Augustus makes a new dike for it. He imprisons Paris in a circular chain of great towers, both lofty and solid.

14、After the attacks on the twin towers, liberals dusted off his ideas on a measured foreign policy as an antidote to the Bush administration’s use of “preventative war”.

15、Internally, the wind towers present interruptions with offerings of natural light, natural breeze and water fountains – pleasant demarcations along the expansive internal circulation.

16、These cumulonimbus clouds, which Simpson called “hot towers,” act like chimneys for the warm, moist air rising from the tropical oceans.

17、Robert never asks permission to perform his daring feats and is used to being arrested by the police at the top of the towers he scales.

18、One bouquiniste near Notre Dame presided over a stall with only a handful of books, but rows of paintings of Eiffel towers, key-rings, ashtrays and even house number plaques and “dangerous dog” signs.

19、The towers, not only ground the buildings with their visual weight, but they also contribute to the rigor of rhythmic play needed in such expansive internal Spaces and environment.

20、In 1991 the owners of the power plant decided to improve the public perception of the Cruas station by ordering an ecologically-themed mural for one of the cooling towers.

21、Most Westerners, when viewing it, focus on the wave itself, which towers over Mount Fuji in a show of almost implacable force, all the more terrifying considering the three fragile boats under it.

22、Only as you draw near to one do you realise that these towers are the height of 40-storey buildings; their blades are the length of a jumbo jet’s wing.

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