1、The horses draw the wagon.

2、Have you any horses on the turf?

3、All the horses broke into a gallop.

4、They stopped to water the horses.

5、The horses pranced in the circus ring.

6、Fourteen mounted police are passing me on their horses.

7、The coachman took to whistling and swearing at his horses.

8、The actors reproduced the running horses by pounding pillows.

9、Americans should stop selling horses for slaughter abroad because we love our horses and do not treat them as livestock.

10、Fallen riders were trampled underfoot by the charging horses.

11、And if you neither appreciate nor treasure Xu Beihong’s famous paintings of horses, you might as well buy some real horses instead.

12、The figures of the horses in the foreground are out of proportion.

13、Police in rural Hampshire have warned motorists that their fluttering flags are frightening the horses.

14、The scenes were shot speedily, before the horses began to lick them off.

15、Who were clothed with blue, princes, and rulers, beautiful youths, all horsemen, mounted upon horses.

16、You’ll see elephants, horses, bears, seals even hippos, but not sheep.

17、Every time I heard her heart go galloping like a herd of horses it made her more real.

18、Gerald Kuh, jumping manager for the equestrian Olympics, describes how new state-ot-the-art stables will keep horses cool.

19、A contagious disease of horses, asses, and mules caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma equiperdum, which is transmitted during copulation.

20、This is so the townspeople will have time to go out and hold their horses until you get through town.

21、Generally Hendra virus outbreaks in horses occur one to two weeks before illness in humans; detected outbreaks in horses could trigger prevention measures to deter associated outbreaks in humans.

22、It’s not restrictive, but Baxter notes that it must be within reason — no trailer homes, no horses or livestock.

23、One popular technique for hauling lumber was to use horses and oxen to drag logs over skid roads and rough tracks through the woods.

24、Gold, silver, ivory, coral, coloured glass, wool and horses went one way; silk, walnuts, ginger, rhubarb, bamboo and lacquer ware came the other.

25、Statesmen who want to clamber onto their high horses should note that, in some cases, not talking can be a form of appeasement.

26、The museum contains over two thousand artworks showing nature and animals. There are many paintings, photographs and sculptures of antelope, deer, birds, horses and other animals.

27、Three of us opt to stroll to the Mozart Café, indulge in a luxury breakfast, then head to the Spanish Riding School with its Lipizzaner horses.

28、Back in the town we are sad to see stuffed turtles and live sea horses for sale in plastic bags. It reminds me of solitary goldfish at the funfair.

29、A reader who was moving house found some calligraphy and paintings of horses and Birds in an old wooden crate while clearing up stuff Belonging to his late grandfather.

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