talk about造句

talk about造句

1、They always talk about proliferation.

2、His talk about apartheid created agitation.

3、What do you talk about with others?

4、We’ll talk about the Oklahoma sharpshooter fallacy.

5、So when you talk about your weaknesses, just talk something on the very positive side.

6、Our friends talk about their desires for the latest gadget.

7、She likes to talk about symmetrical and asymmetrical triangles.

8、And then they leave and we talk about them and they hit the streets and talk about us.

9、We heard a most interesting talk about Japan.

10、Q: You talk about Maasai women and infertility, what about the men?

11、Everyone likes to talk about the weather, and maybe someone could do something about it someday.

12、When we talk about apocalypse we’re talking about first that genre of literature.

13、The point of the woman’s talk is to talk. But the man sees her continual talk about problems as a plea for solutions.

14、When the disciples wanted to talk about prophecy, Jesus quickly switched the conversation to evangelism.

15、They giggle when they talk about the latest guy they met, and get excited about when he’ll call them again.

16、When I talk about not being a saver, many of them respond, “But I am investing.”

17、There is an abundance of things to talk about regarding the holidays — so go for it.

18、We can also talk about atoms that have two or more central atoms.

19、So her message is that “mundane is interesting; it’s OK to talk about your sandwich”.

20、”They began to talk about the pair behind their backs, spreading ugly rumours inside the school and out.”

21、Mr Obama’s loyalties, however, are post-tribal: he wants, characteristically, both sides to sit down and talk about it.

22、We relied on plitical polling and political advice to decide what issue to emphasize, how to talk about it, what region of the country to talk about it and so on.

23、I mean, I’m happy to talk about it, but I don’t think it sells the damn ticket.

24、Despite years of talk about the need for more balance, reserves have gone in one direction: up.

25、What I want to do, I want to talk about Jeremy Siegel’s book and the equity premium puzzle.

26、Only Mr Brown, perhaps concerned about his younger opponents’ telegenic advantage, has sounded sceptical (though his position has now softened into something like “we’ll talk about it later”).

27、The American government may talk about the desirability of a strong dollar but it seems to have no intention of doing anything about it.

28、Rather than talk about the jobs created for blue-collar workers, too often people in private equity “brag about how much money we make”.

29、I kind of wanted to know about about veterinary school and how one starts their our practice (other professions fascinate me to no end), but I don’t think that’s what she wants to talk about.

30、There, in the middle of the night, we would talk about our favorite books and movies, clothes and relationships, until my beeper went off and pulled me away.

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