rule out造句

rule out造句

1、However, all gastric ulcers should be biopsied to rule out a malignancy.

2、The founder had chucked his coding rule out of the window.

3、Even when resources are scarce, don’t rule out the possibility of negotiating creatively for them.

4、However, the 40 per cent rule would rule out several celebrity wardrobe choices, including actress Elizabeth Hurley’s famous safety pin dress, designed by Gianni Versace.

5、But now experts say that there is enough evidence to confidently rule out selenium as a cancer preventative therapy.

6、She declared a “state of catastrophe” and said: “With the quake of this magnitude, we cannot rule out other casualties.

7、But how do we explain this phenomenon, if we rule out corruption, as the study’s authors do?

8、The hope, with both methods, is to permanently alter the targeted memory to rule out the possibility that it could one day resurface.

9、Researchers say that, if present, the se is usually in the yolk or “yellow.” However, they can’t rule out the bacteria being in egg whites.

10、Earning lots of money is a Good thing because – unlike the way we French see things – the search for profit does not rule out generosity.

11、A simple test for memory leaks is to leave the system running after the last test of the day; if the system has recovered to the original state by the next day, then you can often rule out a leak.

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